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ms puiyi

Meet Siew Pui Yi, the controversial Malaysian influencer whose ao dai photo in Vietnam sparked a social media storm – she’s also an OnlyFans star with her own beauty brand

She came from a lower-middle-class background before she found fame online and became the first Southeast Asian woman to feature on the cover of Penthouse

Known for her seductive photos, Siew caused outrage when she posted a photo of herself wearing Vietnam’s traditional ao dai dress in Hoi An – while showing off her underwear

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

Malaysian social media influencer Siew Pui Yi caused a social media storm recently when she shared rather suggestive photos of herself posing in Vietnam’s national dress ao dai

The ao dai is a long tunic dress with slits on both sides and worn over long flared trousers. But the 23-year-old YouTuber and cosmetics entrepreneur caused an uproar by wearing the country’s traditional attire without any bottoms on while releasing colourful flower-shaped paper lanterns (a traditional custom signifying a prayer for peace) on the Hoai River in Hoi An, Vietnam, a Unesco heritage site and popular tourist destination.

The ao dai, which translates to “long tunic” or “long shirt,” is Vietnam’s national dress, conceptualised in the early 1700s as a symbol of femininity in the Southeast Asian country. Siew promptly apologised and deleted the photos after Vietnamese fans accused her of disrespecting their culture.

Siew is known for posting pictures of herself in skimpy clothing and has made her name among the top models of Malaysia, with over 700,000 Facebook followers and over 17.5 million Instagram fans. But there are some surprising things that many people don’t know about her.

1. She’s the first Malaysian to feature on the cover of Penthouse

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi is a Malaysian influencer with humble roots. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

In January, Siew made the cover of US adult magazine Penthouse, notorious for featuring fully nude models, making her the first Malaysian and first woman from Southeast Asia to be featured on the raunchy magazine’s cover.

2. She had a difficult childhood

Siew grew up in a lower-middle-class family where her mother worked as a hawker and her father as a regular salesperson. She told The Vibes TV YouTube channel that when she was around five or six years old, her dad went bankrupt, and the responsibility of earning and providing for the family fell solely on her mother’s shoulders.

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

According to The Star, Siew was born in Kuala Lumpur. Her family moved to Penang when she was nine, where she studied in SMK Datuk Onn, Butterworth. In her interview, she admitted that during high school and primary school, many kids would have new school bags and go on holidays throughout the year, but because her parents were poor, she could never afford that “luxury”.

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3. She’s always created bold content

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi is known for posting controversial photos of herself. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

Siew had her fair share of struggles before becoming a sensational diva who enraptured the internet with her sultry posts and videos. At 15, she got her big break after an artist management firm discovered her, and she hasn’t not looked back since.

In the beginning, Siew did bikini, catalogue and print shoots for brands and starred in several music videos, ads and short films. Eventually, she became one of the highest-paid influencers in Malaysia. Grammy award-winning rapper Snoop Dogg is among her followers.

Besides Facebook and Instagram, she creates seductive content for her audience on YouTube, which surpassed more than 100,000 subscribers in less than a year. According to The Vibes, Siew also creates adult content, accessible for viewing via paid subscription on websites such as OnlyFans.

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi started her own beauty brand. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

“As a child, I was always fascinated with big brands. I feel proud that I have not just collaborated with prominent brands but have also established my brands. From being a brand-centric kid to scaling my brand value in the market, I have achieved the best in life,” she told Flaunt.

4. She went from social media influencer to adult entertainer

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi was hacked in 2019 and her photos were released on the internet. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

Siew was once a victim of extortion. In 2019, her laptop was phished when she sent it for repair. When she logged into her Google account, she realised her account was hacked and she was asked to give US$1,200 (RM50,000) to a hacker who had access to her risqué Google Photos. Her nude photos were subsequently uploaded on paid sites. She said it was the lowest point in her life. “It was then that I decided to take control. I began to appear in more sexy poses instead,” she was quoted as saying on YouTube channel The Vibes TV.

5. She’s working on building her make-up empire

ms puiyi
Siew Pui Yi owns beauty brand MsPuiyi Cosmetics. Photo: @ms_puiyi/Instagram

Siew already owns a beauty brand named MsPuiyi Cosmetics, which has an array of beauty products for women. She recently launched Kieski Skincare under her company PY Empire to expand her presence not just in Asia but all over the world.

Introduction to OnlyFans, Ms Pui Yi.

Siew Pui Yi or better known as Ms Pui Yi is a Malaysian born artist who has become an overnight sexy superstar on social media platforms. This camera friendly sexy bomb was born on August 1, 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Not to mention she is also a born Native Malaysian known as ‘Orang Asli’ and is now 23 years old. With no godfather in this entertainment industry, at the very young age of 15, she started off as a freelance model and worked with a small group of photographers in the early days.

As she began expanding her career growth, she did modelling for more brands, appeared in several ads, making appearances in music videos and also photoshoots too. Ms Pui Yi then proceeded to sign a three contract with an artist management industry when she was 19 year old. While being a rising fame on Instagram as a fashion model, she began to receive many brand endorsement and commercial offers which made her even more popular all around the world. Ms Pui Yi also has been on the cover of multiple national and international magazines and newspapers too. VIP Invitations for Pui Yi to attend events and galas also start flooding in after all the great coverage from the commercials. Her current net worth is estimated to be between $1Million to $3Million USD.

Relationships, Engagements and Marriage Maybe?

Unlike other influencers who are very secretive with their personal life, this sexy bombshell has been in a relationship with social media celebrity, Ezun Lim for some years now. The cute couple have been showing off their love on social media to their fans, they are an inseparable pair. To show how loving this couple are to their beloved fans, Ezun Lim proposed to Pui Yi and they got engaged just recently, can you believe it? These two love birds are also in the midst of planning their big day. There are some sneak peeks on how both of them are planning their big day so make sure to check them out.

Ms Pui Yi has been known to love doing videos and posting vlogs on her extremely famous Youtube channel, but did you know her hobbies are actually to travel, dancing, surfing and even singing? WOW! We wonder how wonderful she would sound singing, right? Forgot to mention that she checked off her hobby list by showing off her amazing dance moves on YouTube and yes she really enjoys it and she has some moves up her sleeves. This 23 year old model loves colours and her two favourites are white and red. Here is a fun fact of Pui Yi that many might not know of that her favourite destination for travel is Japan.

Rising To Being Number One In Asia.

Being one of the top influencers in Malaysia, Ms Pui Yi has been steadily growing her fan base on Instagram and other major social platforms to an astonishing 15M up to recently. Pui Yi attracts not only South East Asia fans but also fans from other countries that are not in South East Asia as well. Pui Yi’s fan base spread all over the world. Other than being a bombilicious Instagram star, Ms Pui Yi is also famous on other social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Tik Tok and the ever famous newly established OnlyFans.

She also has a Youtube channel called Ms Pui Yi where she uploads her daily vlogs, all her main topics involve her beauty secret, fashion tips and tricks, how to be as glam as her, makeup tutorials to make you look fabulous and many many more interesting topics. Despite her super full and busy schedule, Pui Yi has been updating her social media regularly to let her fans keep up on her latest projects and sneak peeks on what is coming up next!

OnlyFans Ms Pui Yi Starting Her Career. 

This adult-centric head turning model started turning heads through her OnlyFans account that contains jaw dropping photos and videos of Pui Yi. Over a very short span of time, she started gaining a huge number of followers and soon those overflowed into her social media accounts. This sexy hot vixen takes a lot of pride in her beautiful body and enjoys being able to share her passion with her following fans. With her beautiful curves and voluptuous figure Pui Yi is able to grow a newer group of fans. Her very popular OnlyFans page has close to 223.3K likes and she has posted over a thousand photos and videos.

OnlyFans is a platform launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content. When utilized as an adult site, users will post NSFW videos and photos to their accounts, which are protected by a paywall. To gain access to the content, an individual must pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99. Pui Yi is able to come out with packages that let fans go crazy on her platform, one of them contains Pui Yi’s signature! Super fans must not miss these amazing packages! At the height of the pandemic, the platform saw a sharp increase in users as clubs and venues closed down and its workers needed a new stream of income. It is this platform that made Ms Pui Yi the famous influencer she is today.

Expanding Her Sexy Market Followers

Talking about sultry contents, no one does it better than the OnlyFans superstar, Ms Pui Yi or Sugar as she is known to her fans. Her content became more and more exclusive and she started to venture into a lot of different genres that her fans anticipated. To expand her audience and followers, she has worked hard to make sure her presence is felt or seen better across all social media platforms. Not just social media presence, she would also like to carry brands that will boost fan base across different genres as well. All the way from the basics which are print shoots that she usually share on her platforms, bikini shoots at the beach and ad films that she acted in, this all-rounded OnlyFans artist has got many brands collaborating with her which makes her one of the top influencers in Asia and a favourite choice among top brands across Asia.

Great Team Makes Great Dreams For Ms Pui Yi

Behind all the alluring photos and videos that Ms Pui Yi constantly posts on her social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and also her Youtube, she always credits her amazing team for all the hard work that they do. Crediting the team behind her huge growth and success, she says, «Great team makes great dreams. I am not solely responsible for creating content as there is a dedicated team who helps me sort things out. We have a team of photographers, cinematographers, makeup artists, fitness trainers, marketing professionals and many other personnel who have played a crucial role in increasing my brand value.»

On top of that, Ms Pui Yi also has mentioned that teamwork is important for any brand or personality or influencers to prosper on professional grounds. Pui Yi works very closely with her team to make sure the shoots and videos are all recorded on an up to standard. Despite all the standards that were set, her team also worked hard behind the scenes to make sure this bombshell gets all the storyboard, theme, spotlights and angle right. Pui Yi’s goal is to show her great enthusiasm and passion through all the projects that she involves, that’s what makes her fans at awe.

Diets, Being Health and Health Regimens

To make sure this bombshell’s body is always well and taken care of, Pui Yi says she follows the right nutrition and her meals. Pui Yi put quite some effort into maintaining her diet so she even has her very own dietitian that gives her advice and keeps track of her food intake and workout regime. She tries not to take long breaks to overeat altogether. In addition to that, Pui Yi refrains from taking any sugar in her food intake.

Dietitians also suggested Pui Yi to practise a high protein and low carbs diet to maintain that curvaceous body of hers. On top of that, Ms Pui Yi, superstar from OnlyFans, makes sure she does her regular exercises at home or at the gym as instructed. Some of her favourite exercises are skipping, jumping jacks, push-ups, free-hand squats, free-hand lunges, crunches and planks. She makes sure to squeeze in some time for her everyday routine to keep in her hourglass-like body shape.

Ms Pui Yi Cosmetic Line Launched

Multitasking is a rare skill that only a few people have mastered. But for Pui Yi she has a whole nother level of multitasking to keep her fans on their feet to anticipate what she will do next and her exclusive projects. It all started with Pui Yi YouTube channel always featured on her daily makeup routine and how she does her make up on different occasion. The cosmetic line was based on her good taste and preference to entice new group of cosmetic enthusiast fans that have been following her Youtube vlogs. Her fans have been giving her a lot of love and inspirations to start her own cosmetic brand, Pui Yi have been keeping it in mind and she took it even more seriously after the demand went sky rocket after she release 1 of her make up tutorial video.

The Malaysian beauty,

Ms Pui Yi launched a cosmetic line in May 2021 that has made headlines for her cosmetic company, ‘MSPUIYI COSMETICS,’ after an exceptional career in modelling and capturing everyone’s attention on social media. When the sneak peak of the makeup line was released, the fans thought it was just an April Fool joke to fool her fans but boy how her fans were wrong. It was a big surprise when the bomb shell releases the images of the products that she’s going to roll out by end of 2021. When launched earlier on, this sexy model’s new cosmetics line is one-of-a-kind and has a wild and sexy aspect to it. It started with nine lip matte colours and six lip gloss hues at the time of launch and also a eyeshadow palette. The make up line also releases a bundle with Pui Yi’s preference of lipstick and her eye palette all together that come with a beautifully design box.

The cosmetic brand’s major goal is to manufacture a wide range of cosmetic goods by the end of 2021. «I wasn’t going to reveal it, but I can’t hold my enthusiasm now,» Siew Pui Yi stated, expressing her excitement over the imminent introduction of her items. Pui Yi’s favourite colour lip palates are based on Kinki names and the others based on her favourite food and her life experience. Pui Yi decided to have her lipstick mostly in the famous matte liquid, so that the lipsticks are able to be worn on any occasion.  “Our plan for launching the brand’s goods will be sequential. We first introduced lip matte, and the next goods in line will be eye makeup and many more in the process of planning.»

The Eye makeup was named ‘The Desired Palette’ with ‘Unleash Your’ at the cover of the eyeshadow palette. Something to remind fans to pursue self-desires like herself and show what you are capable of using the eye palette. A total of 12 dynamic colour palettes will be available in our forthcoming launch. The palette contains 12 things that Pui Yi goal that she aims to pursue, they are Goals, Runway, Boss, Classy, Purpose, Sassy, Persona, Presence, Victory, Spotlight, Flex and last but not least Rich. Looking at the products and her social media presence bet she already reached most of it without a doubt.

In terms of Siew Pui Yi’s social media appeal, the brand has already piqued the interest of a large number of individuals. In less than three months, the brand page ‘mspuiyicosmetics’ on Instagram had already surpassed 25K followers.

The goods have been sold out in less than a week since they were made available.

«The response has been incredible, and I’m happy that my fans have expressed such enthusiasm for these goods,» Pui Yi remarked.  The stunning model, who was formerly known for her daring social media posts, then established herself as an entrepreneur. Ms Pui Yi began her career at the age of 15 with photoshoots, lingerie shoots, music videos, and advertisements, and she is now one of Asia’s highest-paid social media influencers. Ms Pui Yi has proven that she is here to stay with her entry into the cosmetics industry, she and her team is currently in the midst of planning what is next for her brand, so keep your eyes peeled and anticipate her great news.

Ms PuiYi Always Being Camera Ready

To be camera ready at any time, Pui Yi always makes sure her skin is in flawless condition so she would not need to apply heavy makeup to cover all her flaws. When asked what was the secret behind her flawless skin she said that the importance of skin care cannot be overstated.

Obtaining the ideal product that fits for her skin type, she has been searching for the suitable products for her skin. Because her skin is a mix of oily and dry, Ms Pui Yi had a lot of trial and error on skin care products before finding the ideal one. In addition, she also mentioned that the appropriate sort of nourishment is critical to achieve perfect flawless skin. ‘Of course, there are days when my skin is not ready for anything and it needs time to recuperate, I try to balance out my work so I have time for my daily routine’ says Ms. Pui Yi. It is entirely dependent on the type of food you consume and the daily life habits, which has an impact on your skin. Another of her other secrets was that she found that drinking water on a daily basis has helped her get glowing skin.

With so much importance given to skincare, Ms Pui Yi added another feather to her business ventures. In all the great search for suitable and great skin products, Pui Yi and her team came out with a new brand named Kiseki Skincare. ‘Kiseki’ means miracle in Japanese, Pui Yi’s goal is to create a miracle skin care line for all different skin types. The influencer’s newest business, with a range of daily care items set to launch soon.

Pui Yi’s firm, ‘PY EMPIRE,’ plans to develop a range of brands. The model has always been attracted by the notion of beauty, and her cosmetic line, ‘Kiseki Skincare,’ was born out of her insatiable need for beauty and cosmetics. «I feel cosmetics and skincare have had a significant impact on who I am now. «Makeup and a healthy skincare regimen improve attractiveness more than anything else,» the OnlyFans superstar explains. Pui Yi has a strict skincare routine despite her busy schedule, she makes sure that her skin is always photo ready even without makeup. She has been busy searching for the best ingredients that benefit not just her skin but other different skin types to suit different users.

Ms Pui Yi was getting ready to introduce the new brand under her firm, ‘Kiseki Skincare,’ with the intention of sharing her experience regarding daily care routines. Pui Yi strongly believed that the remedies from Japan were well thought of and safe, that is why the entrepreneur went on and looked for a manufacturer in Japan. When questioned about the unique selling point of this new skincare line, she disclosed that sakura extract will be the major component in all of the products. She went on to say, «The brand’s goods are paraben-free and do not contain any dangerous ingredients.» We’ve made sure to include sakura extract in our skincare products since it has anti-aging benefits.»

The sexy head turner entrepreneur Pui Yi has already released the 1st item for ‘Kiseki Skincare’. The Sakura Moisturizing Serum, the great serum formulated in Japan consisting of the known Sakura extract that is rich with antioxidants, able to fix skin texture and last but not least anti aging as Pui Yi mentioned. Not just the Sakura extract, it also contains hyaluronic acid, glycerine and many more ingredients to repair damaged skin, moisturize and soothe all skin types. ‘The serum is so absorbent and moisturizing that makes anything that comes next easily apply and stays on my skin’ added Pui Yi. This serum is suitable not only for female but also male users for their daily skin care routine. This serum was made for all skin types, the ingredients are mild, gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

‘PY Empire’ has already released some teasers on what is coming next for her makeup and her skincare line.

Fans may wonder despite all the brands she’s been planning, does she have more plans for her contents? ‘Yes, I have so many lines lined up for my fans. I am super excited to share more with you guys but I can’t because most are still in the midst of discussing and planning phases, says sexy Pui Yi. The entrepreneur did give out an exclusive on what is coming up next for ‘Kiseki Skin Care’ after the Sakura Moisturizing Serum, face wash , toner and moisturizer are next. Oh and the next social media content will actually be in Paris! How cool was that? Ms Pui Yi will be having her vlogs, video ads and photoshoot at the most romantic place on earth!

Pui Yi To Expand To Be Bigger Internationally.

Ms Pui Yi has gone from working for companies to partnering with them, and now she’s starting her own.’ The brand value of Ms Pui Yi has increased by leaps and bounds. The model has a massive Instagram following of over 15 million followers and has rapidly expanded her visibility across all social media platforms. Her current focus is on expanding her brands not just in Asia, but globally. Ms Pui Yi is also making an impression by uploading videos to her YouTube account, which has amassed over 100,000 subscribers in less than a year. Here is to seeing Ms Pui Yi grow her brand and explore the brand internationally with many more business ventures to it.